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Meet Ups


Typically events are held at a restaurant in South Florida but sometimes we meet at conferences or other Non-South-Florida locations. Meet ups are announced by email or text to invited guests. If you would like to join us, click on the JOIN US. Let us know if you are local to South Florida or are visiting.


Who is welcome?


Everyone that is in the domain space or that can bring knowledge and value to others in the group. If you live in South Florida feel free to send in a request to join us. If you are coming in from out of town, let us know and we will try to accomodate a meeting around your available time in South Florida.


Group Size


Two or more is sufficient for me to consider it a meetup. When I meet with only one other person in the domain space, I often get more out of it than a big group. However, I believe that if we keep the meetings to under 15, it can remain productive. More often than not, the bigger the croud, the less that gets done.

Dress Code: This is a very laid back approach to a normal business meeting. Come dressed appropriate to the venue. Typically, casual wear is perfect.


Fees: FREE 


There is no cost to join our meetings. We get together in a very informal manner. Typically at restaurants or other like-type spots. Everybody pays their own way for the food and drinks they consume.


Important Notes…¬†


You are welcome to join us at a meeting but… Don’t come with a bad attitude to one of our meetings. We don’t want a poison pill in our group. If you don’t fit our group, you simply will not be invited back. This is a private group of like-minded people that get together to discuss relevant topics. We like to enjoy our time together in a productive manner, not fighting and bickering over nonsense. Non Topics: Unless it’s related to a domain or for business purposes, we DO NOT discuss RELIGION, POLITICS or anything else that doesn’t make sense. Save those conversations for some other time and place. That is not why we get together.